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Datsun Roadster 240SX Rear Disk Upgrade


E-brake Mount

~Parts Overview~

These are the spacers that will go between the axle flange and the brake bracket with the special supplied hardware

These are the spacers that will go between the axle flange and the brake bracket with the special supplied hardware

Brackets and spacers

This is the cable retainer that goes to the adjustor

If you purchased these, you would need to have new bearings and seals pressed on in-place of the backing plate

These can be purchased on this site separately if your calipers didn't come with them

~How to cut your backing plate~

The best way to cut down the backing plate is off the car. to pull the axle start by removing the wheel. Remove the brake pads and all the assembly (ie: brake lines, pads, springs slave cylinders, etc.). Remove the four bolts on the back of the axle housing. Slide the whole axle assembly out of the housing. Wipe off all the grease on the bearing tape up the bearing so no dust or metal particles get in there. Throw a few spare nut and bolts in to keep the assembly from moving around. The goal is to cut it around the outside of the seal, don't try to get as close as you can, first cut the bulk of the plate off 1st then you can sand it down closer to the seal make sure that it doesn't get too hot. I use a 4 1/2 inch cut off wheel then use a flap disc for the fine sanding. Be very careful with a four-inch cut off wheel they could jump out of your hand. Well, that was the hard part the rest is all Bolt on. Once everything is cut down and sand it to your liking. re grease up the bearing and replace. Before all the axle bolts go in add your brake bracket with supplied hardware for 3 of the longer bolts, your existing bolt for the last one. The brakes will be on the backside of the axle. Make sure when putting the brake caliper on, if you have marked calipers for left and right it will be reversed. If there is any question as to which side is what, bleeder valve goes up

Remove all brake lines and E-brake cable rods off the rear end

E-brake mount

Brake adjustor modifications

This is what it should look like all bolted up.

Notice the nut from the supplied hardware has a side ground down, it will fit the tang on the seal to keep it locked in.

Downloadable instructions
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Download PDF • 3.19MB

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